Under the Tin Roof

If the weather is uncooperative, or if you just simply prefer the comfort of the indoors, you can relax in the peaceful elegance of our country Inn. Whether conversing with friends, discovering new thoughts, nourishing current ideas, or lazily melting the day away, there is always a comfortable place under the tin roof of Mountain Quest.

The warm and inviting space of the two-story library draws you in with promises of discovering new interests among the 27,000 volumes that fill our abundant shelves. Comfortable oversized leather couches and chairs provide a relaxing seating area. Nearby, a baby grand piano gleams from years of careful polishing. Above, a crystal chandelier draws your eyes upward to the second story of the library. A wooden spiral staircase in the corner entices you to explore further. Ascending the stairs, three ornate leaded-glass windows come into view, along with beloved collections of music boxes, carousel horses and kaleidoscopes for you to enjoy.

Climb the stairs of the four-story, glass-domed observation tower and take in the magnificent views of the 450-acre farm and surrounding mountains by day, and a magical starry backdrop by night.

Engage in a friendly game of pool, or practice your shots on our nine-foot Olhausen pool table located in the Community Center. Find a friend and hone in on your board game skills.

Revisit the 80’s while playing the arcade games “Gallaga” and “Ms. Pacman” or listening to a recreation old-time jukebox while the smell of popcorn wiffs through the air.