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Activities on site

Meet and greet the horses during their morning feeding ritual. There are 5 Full-size Horses, 4 Mini Horses, and 2 Jerusalem Donkeys. 

Hike the fields and mountains. Mountain Quest is situated on a 450 acre farm, with 150 acres of flatland and 300 acres of rolling mountains. The trails can be steep, and are not for the faint of heart!  But the views are incredible ! A trail map is available upon request.  Or just set out to roam and lose yourself.


Plan a picnic with those special someones. The staff is happy to provide a ground quilt and prepare goodies for your experience. 

Read a book. Have fun scanning the more than 27,000 volumes that are part of the Mountain Quest Library, and when you find one you want to explore, curl up with a blanket on one of the leather couches and enjoy! 

Challenge a family member, colleague or new friend to a game of pool, checkers, chess, monopoly, scrabble or other available board game.


Experience the night photography phenomenon of the Myst. Use a simple automated camera or your cell phone with flash, and capture the amazing energies that surround us in the night sky.



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