Energies are bombarding the Earth and dramatic personal and global events are shaking our environment. Even as humanity continues shaking loose the limiting bonds of the past, the Golden Age of Humanity is beginning to unfold, offering new opportunities for growth. It is time to discover and expand the power residing within each and every one of us.
Spiritual Dialogues are designed to help you tap into your personal resources. The focus is on human development and expansion at the nexus of science and spirituality. These dialogues are open to individuals, couples and groups (by pre-arrangement). The only prerequisite is to come with an open heart and inquisitive mind. Dates currently scheduled are June 24-26, July 22-24 and August 19-21.
Initiated in 2015, these special weekends are proving amazing learning and sharing experiences! Dr. Alex Bennet and Dr. David Bennet are at the helm of this experience, which includes presentations, dialogue and sharing sessions, and experiential hemispheric synchronization sessions (using sound to deep-dive into the place of your dreams while you are awake). There is also the opportunity for releasing and healing through the Quick Pulse experience developed by Jo Dunning.
Pricing for this two-night package is $499 for two (shared room) or $399 for one (single room), which is all inclusive (sessions, support materials, room and all meals). Arrive Friday afternoon in time for dinner (6 PM); depart Sunday (Noon) after breakfast and a short wrap-up session. CALL 304-799-7267 or email alex@mountainquestinstitute.com with questions or to reserve your spot. Sessions are kept small to encourage conversation. Pre-signup is required.