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An Infinite Story: The Unfolding of the Myst. A Journey of Pictures and Prose

By Alex Bennet (2020)

About the book /series

This little book is focused on the rise and fall of the Myst phenomenon, an unfolding of sorts in photographs and prose, with tiny spheres of electromagnetic energy engaging the water in the air to collectively expand and form, conveying a message in the split second of a camera flash, then dissipating and falling away into the darkness of night. And, then, as one instant is gone, another is emerging, in a continuous series of creation. This is an amazing experience.
We invite you to delve more deeply into this phenomenon, perhaps reading the three-part Myst series: Volume I, The Journey into the Myst; Volume II, Patterns in the Myst; and Volume III, The Heart, the Mind and the Myst (release in 2024). Or, visit the Inn at Mountain Quest, located in a high valley of the West Virginia Allegheny Mountains, and discover the experience yourself.



Purchase in softback from Amazon; or download FREE below

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