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Decision-Making in the New Reality: Complexity, Knowledge and Knowing

By Alex Bennet and David Bennet (2018)

About the book /series

We live in a world that offers many possible futures. The ever-expanding complexity of information and knowledge provide many choices for decision-makers, and we are all making decisions every single day! As the problems and messes of the world become more complex, our decision consequences are more and more difficult to anticipate, and our decision-making processes must change to keep up with this world complexification. This book takes a consilience approach to explore decision-making in The New Reality, fully engaging systems and complexity theory, knowledge research, and recent neuroscience findings. It also presents methodologies for decision-makers to tap into their unconscious, accessing tacit knowledge resources and increasingly relying on the sense of knowing that is available to each of us.
Almost every day new energies are erupting around the world: new thoughts, new feelings, new knowing, all contributing to new situations that require new decisions and actions from each and every one of us. A global consciousness is emerging. As complex adaptive systems linked to a flowing fount of knowing, we can each bring these resources to bear to achieve our ever-expanding vision of the future. Are we up to the challenge?



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