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Painting the Reality of My Soul: A Life Journey of Verse

By Cindy Lee Scott with Alex Bennet (2021)

About the book /series

From the Preface by Alex Bennet: “Cindy, who I have met only once in this physical life, has become the Poet Laureate of Mountain Quest Institute. Each of the 22 books titled Possibilities that are YOU! includes poetic prose from Cindy. These small Conscious Look Books are conversational in nature, taking full advantage of the reader’s lived experience to share what can sometimes be difficult concepts. With the exploration of self facilitated through these ideas—supported by Cindy’s verse—we are able to fully explore who we are and who we can become. With this exploration comes a glimmer of hope as we begin to reclaim the power of each and every mind developed by the lived human experience!
It is with appreciation and admiration that I join with Cindy to offer this collection of prose honoring her life and learning.”



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