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Rising Consciousness through Disruption and Corruption: An Uplifting Journey of Verse

By Cindy Lee Scott with Alex Bennet (2019)

About the book /series

While this work was published in 2019, it could not be more appropriate to the challenges of today. From the Preface by Alex Bennet: “It is my great honor to introduce the work of poetic artist Cindy Lee Scott. While I have only known her for two years—only one week of which was face-to-face—our relationship is most decidedly one which was destined to occur, howbeit at the latter part of our lives!
This is a woman who has lied life fully. There is an irony in the different lives, yet with similar learnings, that we have pursued … Now, you may wonder, how is this brief comparison of life paths of interest to Cindy’s work? Well, it certainly has a great deal to do with the development and publication of this book, and, truth be known, it also has a great deal to do with Cindy’s poetry. Cindy is a gift in my life, and there has been so much learning through our conversations. Through Cindy’s poetry I have really, truly gotten to know this beautiful soul from the inside-out. And through our conversations and her work, I have gained a deeper glance into who I am …
But my appreciation of Cindy goes far beyond the unique and talented poet that she has become. You see, when cindy found me two years ago, she had been searching for a very long time. While I did not know she existed, she knew about me. I was adopted as an infant, and Cindy is my full sister. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.”



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