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The Course of Knowledge: A 21st Century Theory

By Alex Bennet and David Bennet with Joyce Avedisian (2018)

About the book /series

Knowledge is at the core of what it is to be human, the substance which informs our thoughts and determines the course of our actions. Our growing focus on, and understanding of, knowledge and its consequent actions is changing our relationship with the world. Because knowledge determines the quality of every single decision we make, it is critical to learn about and understand what knowledge is. From a 21st century viewpoint, we explore a theory of knowledge that is both pragmatic and biological. Pragmatic in that it is based on taking effective action, and biological because it is created by humans via patterns of neuronal connections in the mind/brain.
In this book we explore the course of knowledge. Just as a winding stream in the bowls of the mountain’s curves and dips through ravines and high valleys, so, too, with knowledge. In a continuous journey towards intelligent activity, context-sensitive and situation-dependent knowledge, imperfect and incomplete, experientially engages a changing landscape in a continuous cycle of learning and expanding. We are in a continuous cycle of knowledge creation such that every moment offers the opportunity for the emergence of new and exciting ideas, all waiting to be put in service to an interconnected world. Learn more about this exciting human capacity!



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