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Reblooming the Knowledge Movement: The Democratization of Organizations

By Alex Bennet and Robert Turner
Foreword by Rory Chase
With chapters by Francisco Javier Carrillo, Florin Gaiseanu, Chulatep Senivongse, Milton de Sousa and Pedro Brito, and ChatGPT; and tool contributions by Joyce Avedisian, Rajat Baisya, Mark Boyes, WB Lee, John Lewis, Arthur Murray, Arthur Shelley, and Michael Stankosky

About the book

Reblooming the Knowledge Movement unfolds on millennia of human challenges and advances. Now, at every level and at every reach across organizations, networks, and nations, there is a new coalescing of democratization, intelligent learning, and capacity for surmounting growing complexity. Seeking resonance and coherence, the emergent result is the rich globalization of knowledge and its close companion innovation.
Reblooming is unmistakably ambitious. While it clearly presents an organic model as a newly cultivated species with fresh vibrant life for cultivation of organizational knowledge dynamics, it reaches beyond. It boldly offers the Reblooming Knowledge Movement (RKM) as an accelerating causal force in the expanding global environment. It moves front and center as a catalyst for optimizing the technological and scientific growth for all human advancement. To that end, Reblooming is more than a new species. It emboldens a bright new millennium of human transformation.

Praise for the book

With the explosive expansion of AI and advanced technology … Reblooming the Knowledge Movement is appearing at a crucial time by providing a comprehensive and valuable framework for developing, building, and utilizing “knowledge” in all its facets. Karl-Martin Wiig, Co-Founder, Knowledge Research Institute and International Knowledge Management Network
In "Reblooming the Knowledge Movement," the authors meticulously dissect the intricate dance between knowledge and its pivotal role in the evolution of humanity … this book is a revelation. Vincent Ribiére, Ph.D., D.Sc., Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia
Reblooming the Knowledge Movement literally blooms across each page, through your mind, and it promises to bloom across space. If you hope to understand the limitless power of knowledge for producing change, Reblooming will flood your consciousness with enough fertile ideas to last a lifetime. Dr. William E. Halal, George Washington University
The authors have a captivating way of bringing the human dimension and a deep sense of context back into our understanding of knowledge … This book is an important contribution [that[ uniquely frames KM as a discipline for being human, in society and the world. Patrick Lambe, Partner, Straits Knowledge, Ireland


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