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REMEMBRANCE: Pathways to Expanded Learning with Music and Metamusic®

By Barbara Bullard and Alex Bennet (2018)

About the book /series

Take a journey of discovery into the last great frontier—the human mind/brain, an instrument of amazing flexibility and plasticity. This eBook is written for brain users who are intent on mining more of the golden possibilities that lie inherent in each of our unique brains. Begin by discovering the role positive attitudes play in learning, and the power of self-affirmations and visualizations. Then explore the use of brain wave entrainment mixed with designer music called Metamusic® to achieve enhanced learning states. Join students of all ages who are creating magical learning outcomes using music and Metamusic.®


I am, without hesitation, biased in favor of this work. Within it, Bennet and Bullard answer many of the questions that I have heard time and time again about using music, Metamusic® and Hemi-sync® to enhance focus and to improve memory retention and recall. The clarity of their answers, the depth of their knowledge, the scope of their research and the emotional appeal of the gathered testimonials are excellent. This book is a superior resource: get it!. J. S. Epperson
Authors Bennet and Bullard have a simple premise: your genes are not your destiny. They believe that you can significantly influence your ability to learn and what you can remember. While there are a number of tips, tricks and exercises to help you reshape and focus your mind, one of the most surprising revelations is the power that music has over your brain … When success in our ever-changing world depends upon our capacity to learn, you need a resource that shows you effective strategies to study smarter, to learn faster, and to have greater retention of what you have learned. Become your own programmer: follow the advice found in "Remembrance: Pathways to Expanded Learning with Music and Metamusic®" and shape what is yet to be.


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