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The Journey into the Myst … A true story of the Paranormal
(Volume I of the Myst Series)

By Dr. Alex Bennet and Dr. David Bennet (2020)

About the book /series

“What we are about to tell you would have been quite unbelievable to me before this journey began. It is not a sotry of the reality either of us has known for well over our 60 and 70 years of age, but rather, the reality of dreams and fairy tales.” This is the true story of a sequence of events that happened at Mountain Quest, situated in a high valley of the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. The story begins with a miracle, expanding into the capture and cataloging of thousands of pictures of electromagnetic spheres widely known as “orbs.” This joyous experience became an exploration into the unknown with the emergence of what the author’s fondly call the Myst, the forming and shaping of non-random patterns such as human faces, angels and animals. As this phenomenon unfolds, you will discover how the Drs. Alex and David Bennet began to observe and interact with the Myst. This book shares the beginning of an extraordinary Journey into the Myst.



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