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The Possibilities that are YOU! series

By Alex Bennet

About the book /series

These 22 little books are conversational in nature, taking full advantage of your lived experience to share what can sometimes be difficult concepts to grab onto. But you are ready. We live in a world that is tearing itself apart, where people are out of control, rebelling from years of real and perceived abuse and suppression of thought. Yet, this chaos offers us as a humanity the opportunity to make a giant leap forward! By opening ourselves to ourselves, we are able to fully explore who we are. With that exploration comes a glimmer of hope as we begin to reclaim the power of each and every mind developed by the lived human experience! The 22 volumes of the Possibilities that are YOU! series are pulled from the larger body of work: The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change, Parts I-V. Each is available in softback format from Amazon ($7) and downloadable free below.



Purchase in softback from Amazon; or download FREE below

The books, Volume 1 – 22:

1. Transcendent Beauty

Possibilities 01 Beauty 111519
Download PDF • 854KB

2. Grounding

Possibilities 02 Grounding 111519
Download PDF • 1.11MB

3. Engaging Forces

Possibilities 03 Forces 111519
Download PDF • 1.28MB

4. Conscious Compassion

Possibilities 04 Conscious Compassion 111519
Download PDF • 981KB

5. Truth in Context

Possibilities 05 Truth in Context 111519
Download PDF • 941KB

6. Attention and Intention

Possibilities 06 Attention and Intention 111519
Download PDF • 712KB

7. Living Virtues of Today

Possibilities 07 Living Virtues 111519
Download PDF • 944KB

8. Me as Co-Creator

Possibilities 08 ME as Creator 111619
Download PDF • 1.06MB

9. Connections as Patterns

Possibilities 09 Connections as Patterns 111619
Download PDF • 1.08MB

10. Knowing

Possibilities 10 Knowing 111619
Download PDF • 727KB

11. All Things in Balance

Possibilities 11 Balance 111719
Download PDF • 1.06MB

12. The Emerging Self

Possibilities 12 Emerging Self 111719
Download PDF • 1.41MB

13. The ERC’s of Intuition

Possibilitiesw 13 ERCs 111719
Download PDF • 982KB

14. The Emoting Guidance System

Possibilities 14 Emoting 111719
Download PDF • 977KB

15. Seeking Wisdom

Possibilities 15 Seeking Wisdom 111719
Download PDF • 590KB

16. Associative Patterning and Attracting

Possibilities 16 Ass Pat & Attract 111819
Download PDF • 989KB

17. The Creative Leap

Possibilities 17 Creative Leap 111819
Download PDF • 1.45MB

18. Staying on the Path

Possibilities 18 Staying on Path 111819
Download PDF • 1.26MB

19. The Art of Thought Adjusting

Possibilities 19 Art of Thought Adjusting 111819
Download PDF • 740KB

20. The Humanness of Humility

Possibilities 20 Humaness of Humility 111819
Download PDF • 861KB

21. The Bifurcation

Possibilities 21 Bifurcation 111919
Download PDF • 980KB

22. Beyond Action

Possibilities 22 Beyond Action 111919
Download PDF • 879KB

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