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With Passion, We Live and Love: Research, Prose, Verse and Music

By Alex Bennet and Cindy Lee Scott

About the book /series

Ah life! What is it all about? Certainly, “love” is a good and wise answer. Only, in different situations we use the world love to mean so many different things. And while we like to think of ourselves living in a field of love—and indeed that may be the case—there is a driver in human emotions that, when coupled with love, gives us purpose and moves us beyond ourselves toward a greater good. That driver might be called passion.
This is indeed a strange book circling around passion. Taking a consilience approach, you will discover research that crosses the fields of neuroscience, psychology, music, management, and spirituality, with poetry and prose punctuating that research. Then, there are stories and music capturing moments of passion. And, along the way, the authors share life bites of their selves … perhaps reflective of some of your own experiences in life?
Hint: This book also explores nature versus nurture.



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