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Playing in the Mind Field. Volume 1: Life in the Field

By Alex Bennet

About the book /series

Increasingly the passion of humankind is to know our connectedness—how and how deeply we are interconnected. This reaching of our individual and shared consciousness rises from the eternal nature of our being. The intelligence within us hears the echoes of wisdom across the ages … the prophets, the philosophers, the spiritual voices of kindred souls, all touch our knowing. And now the sciences illuminate what we feel, and the quest for the unity of our consciousness envelops us. As we learn more, there is a pulsing in the core of our being that also beckons toward our shared existence. We are on a consciousness quest that reaches within us and outward to all of us.
We search for answers, maybe not consciously, but certainly the unconscious searching for answers is continuous. The little books in the conscious look book series dabble in the search for answers as they touch the entangled mesh of lie and living. And while each person’s answers are found within, these little books connect ideas that just might trigger some of those answers with YOU.



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