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The QUEST: Where the Mountains meet the Library

By the Drs. David and Alex Bennet
Afterword by Robert Turner

About the book /series

So here it is. This is a book of big ideas, the very ideas that have continuously filled our minds and hearts over the past 20 years, bubbling up and down as we traveled the world, then settling into printed text when we returned home to Mountain Quest where the mountains meet the library, a beautiful valley set in the Allegheny mountains of West Virginia.
Each chapter is, it seems, a chapter of our lives, yet all of it blends together in a magnificent unfolding of thought and learning. How to share 20 years in nine chapters? Impossible, I think. Yet, YOU have been through those 20 years as well, on the same experiential roller coaster that has both titillated and challenged our survival. A global roller coaster that today is still raging through the highest points and most perilous curves.



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